Hosto Stop ! 2010 [FR] (Featuring Evy)

The 2010 edition of "Hosto Stop !" is sung in French by Evy. It has been made on 3rd of January 2010.


The original one was recorded in 2002 when Evy was only 13 years old. About 8 years later Evy gives a new life to the 2009 instrumental version of the song thanks to her marvellous voice.


"Hosto Stop !" is dedicated to sick children, their parents and all those who care for them.

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Hey Boy, I Love You ! [EN] (Featuring Evy)

"Hey Boy, I Love You !" is a remake of "Hey Girl, I Love You !" sung in English by Evy. It has been made on 23rd of August 2009.


This title has been especially created for being played during a party ! Very simple lyrics which are easy to remember and sing (even for someone who doesn't know English at all) on top of a rhythmed and cheerful music.


Let's go to the party !!!!!

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