Hosto Stop ! 2010 [FR] (Featuring Evy)

Written by Dj Quality

The 2010 edition of "Hosto Stop !" is sung in French by Evy. It has been made on 3rd of January 2010.


The original one was recorded in 2002 when Evy was only 13 years old. About 8 years later Evy gives a new life to the 2009 instrumental version of the song thanks to her marvellous voice.


"Hosto Stop !" is dedicated to sick children, their parents and all those who care for them.


Here comes a very short story of the song:


In 2000, the Dj quality wrote "Eden On Earth". One year later Evy who was interested in making lyrics for that song began to work with the Dj Quality on it. Because of the theme of the lyrics, they decided to change the title of the song into "Hosto Stop !". Some little changes were also made to the music : one introduction was added and the whole melody was transposed to fit the vocal register of Evy at that time. In 2002, the Dj Quality and Evy had the chance to record "Hosto Stop !" in a studio in order to get a quality master CD of 2 titles (sung and instrumental versions). In 2009, the Dj Quality created a new instrumental edition of the song. The 2010 version is based on the instrumental edition of 2009.


The style of the song is related to Trance.


Main instruments : harpsichord, accordion and synthesizer.


  • Click here for listening or downloading the song (Dogmazic).
  • Click here for listening or downloading the album "Hosto Stop !" (4 titles), 2010 edition (on Dogmazic).
  • Click here to download the lyrics in French (PDF format).