Summer Love (Instrumental)

I propose you to discover the instrumental version of "Summer Love", a song between Trance and Electro to finish this summer in music on beaches from hot countries.


Get into the atmosphere and let yourself be carried by the sound!


I hope you'll like it! ;-)

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Move Around The Fire 2011 [EN] (Featuring Evy)

Do you like to dance around the bonfires and other campfires? Fine! Here comes 2011 vocal edition of "Move Around The Fire" Featuring Evy!

One song for remembering all these nights around the fire with the scout movements and the like.

The original version of the music has been composed at the beginning of 2004.

The 2011 edition is a music at midway between Dance/Trance and Electro with a new R'n'B bass style.

We (Evy and Me) hope you'll enjoy it!

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Trance Paradise

Would you be interested by one Trance song for brightening your holidays?


Yes?!? Then...


Let the music make you dream of "Trance Paradise"...

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Le fléau 2011

"Le fléau 2011" is a modern remake of "Le fléau" which was first out in 2001.


2011 edition of the song has been recorded on 28th of January 2011.


This brand new version comes with a new piano, a vintage organ bass, improved presence of the main melody, revisited rhythm, new effects and follows the very good advice from PeLF (submitted on Dogmazic) in the cut beginning at 02:13.


I hope you'll like it !

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La brabantrance

"La brabantrance" is a remake of Trance style of the belgian national hymn (La brabançonne) written by François Van Campenhout.


It was published on Internet this 21st july 2010 for the belgian national day.


Long live Belgium !?...

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