Friday's Night [EN] (Featuring Evy)


"Friday's Night" is a song of Slow style sung in English by Evy. It has been made on 29th of August 2010 and is based on the instrumental version of 2009.


The original instrumental version of "Friday's Night" was composed in 2000. The edition 2009 has given a new dimension to the music and the brand new vocal version is bringing new emotions thanks to the lyrics written by Evy.


Because this is a love song, this title is dedicated to all lovers!


Enjoy this song!


Main instruments: violin, pan flute and electric guitar.


Since the new release of the maxi single "Friday's Night" in 2012, the song is now licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0 instead of CC-BY-NC-SA 2.5.


Friday's Night

Dj Quality Featuring Evy - Friday's Night [EN] (Slow - 2010) [3:51]


Click here to download the lyrics in English (PDF format).