Short story

The Dj Quality is a longstanding friend. As I thought this website really missed a short biography, I put my fingers on the keyboard for writing some lines about him.


Dj Quality was born in 1984 and since I have known him (in fact, since the beginning of his teenage years), he has always been attracted by music. At this time, he had only some notions of flute, percussions, battery and piano. However, he already wrote musics with his synthesizer and softwares. He was already talented and I enjoyed so much his musics.


He got his passions (music and computer science) together for creating something great. I would like to add that the biggest characteristics of Dj Quality are his creativity and his inventiveness. During his childhood, he always gave free reign to his imagination for all kind of creations: videos, shows, softwares and musics.


Two other traits are patience and perfectionism. Dj Quality spends a lot of his time for getting the best result, particularly with regard to programming (he's analyst-programmer). Besides, if I could give him a friendly piece of advice, I would say him to stop being so meticulous in his professional work to devote this time to music ! But I confess that his perfectionism is a great quality.


Finally, I have to speak about its last passion: Free and Open Source. Linux,, Ubuntu, Thunderbird, Dogmazic and so on... It's a pity that he isn't famous, because you can be sure that he would give a part of his fortune to help the Free and Open Source's evolution. Free and Open Source is an approach in which Dj Quality really trusts.


I haven't seen Dj Quality for a few weeks because of the distance which separates us. Nevertheless, I know that I will keep a contact with him thanks to Internet. If you want a good advice, discover his musics : Dj Quality improves upon acquaintance!